Next Top Makers Fellows Build a More Accessible World, Appear in the WSJ, on Tour and on the Runway...

We continue to be proud of the innovation from the Next Top Makers Fellow community.

Blackbox Manufacturing is manufacturing carbon fiber parts that will change the way planes, trains, and vehicles are made while simultaneously innovating in fashion too. Stay tuned for more on that. The photo below is from founder Will Watts collaboration with designer Chromat.

The Capacita controller by DIYAbility will make the world more accessible for people with physical disabilities. Founders Holly Cohen and John Schimmel tackle this issue with their controller and API that allows limited mobility gamers to make their Playstation or Xbox usable for them.

Squink by BotFactory tackles a big problem for engineers, students, inventors and creators by making a machine that prints a custom circuit in 5x5 (less than five minutes and less than $5)! Cofounder Nico Vansnick has been a great mentor within the Next Top Maker group sharing wisdom from their successful Kickstarter campaign to finding staff to fundraising.

Sensory Percussion from Sunhouse is a new instrument that combines electronic music and drumming in a new, exciting way. Instead of seeing a musician onstage behind a computer, you can watch the musician actually make the music. Cofounder Tlacael Esparza is currently on tour with Sensory Percussion and electronic musician Nicolas Jaar!

(Kiran Gandhi, the drummer for MIA, is also a fan of Sensory Percussion. Stay tuned to see what she makes with it.)

Lastly, more news from Next Top Maker Fellow Poursteady who was featured in the Wall Street Journal last week! Read it here:

We will continue to work with Fellows until August. Stay tuned for more exciting news in the coming months...

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